Welcome to Lifestream Studio 2521’s documentation!

Lifestream Studio 2521

Congratulations on being a new owner of Lifestream Studio 2521: Professional Edition.

Ever wondered what a human thinks about death? At the Foundation, we offer products that address the issue. We believe all boundaries are meant to be broken.

The year is 2521, and you are now an active part of the Stream.


  • Recruit machine actors as content in your stream

  • Earn donation credits and refine your actors or your script

  • Add dynamic life-or-death content to your channel

  • Setup your scene as you want during streaming

  • Generate symbiotic understanding about death and experience it from your own hands, from the perspective of your actors


Install Lifestream Studio by running:

install lifestream studio

when prompted to at the first screen.



If you are having issues, please let us know. We have a mailing list located at: evacorporation.heroku.com


The project is licensed under the MAIN-DIRECTIVES license.