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‘All Night At The Lake With You’ by Hans Grier and GPT-J 6B (2021). Retrieved electronically on August 12th, 2520, 14:35:09 EST.


Aksel Oriana: A lake is beautiful and quiet - but it is not tranquil. It is a water-body that is the abode of life. You see it has all three qualities of an abode. It has peace, plenty, and activity. When you look at the surface of a lake you see an endless chain of waves and ripples, or a smooth surface, and so you think that the surface of a lake is tranquil. However, when you walk through a lake, you will soon come across a spot of great activity - some people swimming, others fish feeding, and then you may hear the cries of various birds. A lake has three qualities: peace, plenty, and activity. Now let us ask you a question. What is the first quality of a lake?

Evelin Gregor: It doesn’t have a vampire monologue-ing around it. Or in it.

Laius Gildo: A lake indicates live and show time.

Rosalva Nisha: I’m so glad we’re finally getting to know each other better.

Evelin Gregor: Here we go.

Aksel Oriana: I guess I’d better have another drink. Of blood. You lot know that I am a creature of the night. A vampire, as humans, like to call it, but it is really an evolution of a parasite and a virus together.

Rosalva Nisha: I better go. There are people to feed. Good-bye.

Laius Gildo: Don’t let me catch you, Aksel.

Evelin Gregor: Absolutely. I do need to dig some graves soon.


Evelin Gregor: What is life’s worth? Naught but decay and a putrid stench in the end.

Evelin Gregor: I can’t fathom why I’m still alive, digging graves for people I do not know.


Laius Gildo: What should I hunt next? I think snakes are overrated. They are pretty easy to step on.

Laius Gildo: But it takes a master to survive the encounter.


Rosalva Nisha: There isn’t shit in the snow.

Rosalva Nisha: I better find a better location for gold, food or anything worth it.


Laius Gildo: I think I am going to go for a bear.

Laius Gildo: I love bears!

Laius Gildo: They are so cute and cuddly!

Laius Gildo: I just want to hug them and hug…

Laius Gildo: Oh wait! That way lies death.

Laius Gildo: I’ll just admire them from a distance.

Laius Gildo: I think I saw one near the river.

Laius Gildo: I’ll go check it out.