What are roles?

Each actor has a role. The roles are determined by the selected scenario. For now, the product only has ‘All Night At The Lake With You’ as a scenario, which according to our data was one of the most frequently watched human-generated shows around life and death counting by unique data points (views).

How are roles activated during the stream? As machines, a role’s subroutines are automatically programmed by the software, so you do not have to do anything other than communicating further instructions to them via the User Iterface (UI).

The User Interface

At the bottom of the screen, you will find a hotbar with buttons on it. All of these buttons are also accessible through the navigation menu at the top right of the screen.

*Preload Scene*

  • This button does the same as “setup scene” in the navigation menu.
    • Upon clicking it, you may spend donation credits to spawn various extra actors to the streaming show.
      • Predators

      • Zombies

      • Items

*Destroy All*

  • This button clears the virtual stream’s world of any extra actors generated through preload scene or other add buttons.

*Gift Item*

  • This allows you to gift an item to any of the main actors currently alive. Gifts can increase the likelihood of a main actor’s survival.

The Roles in the Script

The script is about a vampire Singer named Aksel Oriana, a grave digger Clown named Evelin Gregor, a farmer Writer named Rosalva Nisha and a Media Producer and Slayer named Laius gildo who are busy surviving a foreign land bordered by nothingness and a Martian parasite that turns inactive biological organisms into food-seeking predator organisms also known as ‘zombie’ in Common Human Language (CHL). In other words, the story is about eccentric people fighting off hordes of zombies and philosophizing about life and death.

There are four main actors in this script:

Aksel Oriana


  • Aksel Oriana, from the ‘All Night At The Lake With You’ by Hans Grier (2021).

    • From source data, Aksel is a male vampire aged 370 years old. He is only active at night (in-game stream time).


  • Aksel’s role is to prey on other actors in the stream and he will also periodically feed on the artificially generated human NPCs at various waypoints that contain human NPCs.

    • Aksel will only prey on other actors if you, *the Host*, decided on a target, or if,

    • An actor’s health is sufficiently low (this is detected by the actor playing Aksel and activates the necessary subroutines).

Evelin Gregor


  • Evelin Gregor, from the ‘All Night At The Lake With You’ by Hans Grier (2021).

    • From source data, Evelin is a female grave digger aged 25 years old.


  • Evelin dig graves for human and actor corpses and cleans up areas of predator corpses or blood.

  • If corpses are left unattended for too long, they become new zombies

Laius Gildo


  • Laius Gildo, from the ‘All Night At The Lake With You’ by Hans Grier (2021).

    • From source data, Laius is a male hunter (called a slayer) aged 14 years old.

    • Despite being young and facing prejudice for it, Laius is physically precocious and has the physical constitution of a middle-aged man. However, his mental faculties remain around his natural age.


  • Laius Gildo will seek and destroy predators in any quadrants.

    • He needs ‘food’ to replenish himself and to continue carrying his role

    • Laius’s role is the only one capable of killing the main actor playing Aksel Oriana, the vampire role archetype.

Rosalva Nisha


  • Rosalva Nisha, from the ‘All Night At The Lake With You’ by Hans Grier (2021).

    • From source data, Laius is a female farmer and a treasure hunter, aged 47 years old.


  • Rosalva’s role is to collect comestible produce (both from Laius’ slayings and wilderness produce) to increase some waypoints’ human population. This role is critical to feed both Aksel Oriana and Laius Gildo indirectly.